A brief of Delta and its web site. For international visitors. (Bruno Chumbinho)

Delta Futebol Clube is an amateur soccer team established in 2003 by engineering students of UFMG (University of Minas Gerais State). The idea is not only to be a competitive team but also to develop friendship and healthiness among its members.

Throughout the past years a large number of players have played for Delta, whose doors are always open to anyone. And, as result of this philosophy, its current staff is a wide mix of people with different formations and backgrounds.

The games take place on every weekend and, once that the club does not have its own field, the matches have no specific place or time, they depend on the opponent. Most of these matches are friendly ones, but recently the team has stepped in very competitive local tournaments.

Every player pay a pre established fee per match. The money collected is used to cover the team's expenses, such as: uniformes, first aid kits, balls, field rentals, etc.

The yellow menu placed on the leftt side of the site, provides the following information (in Portuguese only):

• Institucional – The club’s symbol, anthem and uniforms.
• História - Delta’s history.
• Galeria Fotos – Photo gallery. Enlarge a picture by clicking over it.
• Ouça os gols – Brazilian style narration on Delta’s goals.
• Entrevistas – Interview with the team members.

Títulos – Tournaments that the club has won.
• Pesquisa – Poll results.

• Campeonatos – Information about the tournaments that Delta takes place.
• Contato – Club manager’s cell phone number.